About Twine Solutions

Twine Solutions was founded in 2015 in Israel, the world hub of digital printing, with seasoned multidisciplined professionals emerging form the industry.

Twine is a technology startup developing a proprietary and revolutionary digital thread dyeing system, and a digital dye to match color application.

Twine’s system continuously dyes a single (white) off-the-shelf thread to any requested length and in any color, with a choice of millions of colors, shades, as well as color gradients.

Twine’s DST™ (Digital Selective Treatment) technology, enables thread dyeing on-demand and ready to use within seconds at the highest industry standards, in a unique, waterless, eco- friendly process.

Twine’s disruptive technology will revolutionize the thread, fabric and garment industries by eliminating the long, messy, cumbersome conventional bulk dyeing.

Twine eliminates the need for colored thread stock, dramatically reduces logistics, dead stock and other waste costs. The single thread, single needle, multi-color method will free your creativity and design limitations, while improving production efficiencies, margins, overall profitability, resulting in a ROI of less than a year and low Total Cost of Ownership.