Letter from the CEO

When Erez and I founded the company it was important to us from the ground up to build the company with all our convictions as a responsible company based on honest relationships and commitments. Twine technology brings about sewing production paradigm shifts, considering todays dyeing facilities as the third largest consumer of water further emphasizes our contribution at a global level, it is inherent as part of our companies cultural backbone.


(Safety, Health, Environment and Quality)

Twine recognizes its responsibilities to take the lead in developing and implementing progressive safety, hygiene and environmental protection policies. We consider this as part of our obligations to society and the state, and as a key aspect of our corporate obligations. Our aim is to supply safe products and services that reduce carbon footprint for the duration of their lifecycle, and to conduct all our activities in a way that protects the environment. In addition, we aim to establish and develop working surroundings and operating procedures that allow company employees to work safely.

To achieve these objectives we will:

Go beyond the letter of the law to meet all the relevant safety requirements and regulations, hygiene and environmental quality standards.

Make every effort to proactively reduce the risks of work-related injuries and illnesses and promote the health and welfare of the employees.

Reducing the amount of waste materials and energy generated from our activities.

Work to design and produce products that will be safe to use and at the same time consume minimum amounts of energy and natural resources.