The customer benefits are driven from three main fields, creative freedom without any thread limits, business benefits due to higher efficiencies and reduction in logistical and waste costs, and environmental benefits due Twine’s revolutionary eco-friendly, waterless process.



    • Reduce cost – Produce the exact length needed reducing dead stock and waste

    • Reducing logistics and stock management costs – Only white thread is needed

    • Higher production efficiencies due to single thread, single needle, multiple colors method and the digital dyeing application

    • Fast setup saving time and money

    • Dye house independency – No 3rd party, reducing transportation and other logistical costs

    • Higher revenue due to unique unmatched capabilities

    • Fast ROI



  • Millions of available colors

  • Produce any length of colored thread that is ready to use within seconds

  • Create designs that are impossible with current traditional methods using thread with color gradients

  • Easy to use



    • Waterless process

    • Total carbon footprint reduction – no steam, no auxiliaries, low power use, etc.

    • Dramatic waste reduction, leading to minimal waste