Digital Selective Treatment – DSTTM

Twine’s Digital Selective Treatment (DST™) technology, is a system that selectively and digitally dyes and treats a single (white) thread in a continuous,on demand, eco-friendly and waterless process, where the thread is ready for immediate use.

This technology, as small as an office printer, does this as simply as printing a document, with precise colors defined by the user or automatically through Twine’s TCC™ (True Color Capture) proprietary color matching application and algorithms.

The system works with off-the-shelf threads at speeds that presents economic viability for various thread required applications.

Twine’s DST™ technology eliminates the long, cumbersome and messy conventional bulk dyeing process, and replaces it with direct and fast digital in-house systems.

  • Any Color, Any Length

  • Just-in-time production