Green Technology

The textile industry is adopting the “Detox” campaign, making textile and garment manufacturers eliminate toxic chemicals from the supply chain by 2020.

Twine’s technological innovation accounts for this by developing a unique, water-less dyeing and treatment process that requires only power and ink.Twine’s DST™ (Digital Selective Treatment) technology eliminates the use of water, steam, pressurized vats and significantly reduces additives.

Twine’s DST™ uses very low electricity consumption and very precise amounts of ink in the dyeing and treatment process compared to the conventional cumbersome,messy, long bulk dyeing process. It also eliminates thread waste and dead stock due to the ability to produce the exact amount of thread needed per job (as short as several meters) and can dye immediately on demand and in-house, saving logistical costs and overall carbon foot print.

  • Eco-Friendly

  • No Waste

18 Mentres of thread needed, 18 metres produced.

Tonnes of dirty water are
dumped every year by
the thread and garment industries
after the dyeing process.

With Twine’s DST™ technology
there is no more waste.