Landa Ventures

Landa Ventures is the investment arm of the Landa group, which identifies promising young technology companies that have potentially disruptive solutions and operate in large markets. Landa Ventures’ investment portfolio includes companies in fields that range from energy and imaging to personal care and satellite communications. Landa Ventures invests only in companies to which it can add value and typically plays an active role in helping them achieve their growth objectives.

Gefen Capital

Gefen Capital is a US-Israeli investment group. Gefen targets high growth Israeli startups with disruptive technologies.

Gefen’s US and Israeli principals offer operational experience in building and managing companies and have a proven track record in creating value. Their strong US contacts and market capital experience assist startups that wish to penetrate the US market.

Haama Ltd.

Haama Group specializes in the development and manufacturing of textile and insulation products. The Company’s advanced product lines are sold all over the world and can be found in many leading international brand names and manufacturers.

With its leading team of experts, Haama and its subsidiaries represent an ambitious vision of creativity and know-how, combined in the most advanced technologies. The result is continuous dynamism, allowing us all to provide the customers with the most advanced and innovative solutions anywhere in the world.

Israel Innovation Authority

The Chief Scientist Officer (CSO )at the Ministry of Economy, works to promote research and development in Israel and to achieve economic objectives through these activities.

The mission of the Chief Scientist is to ensure economic prosperity via technological innovation. The CSO focuses on enhancing research and development in the Israeli industry, increasing the economic value of Israel’s industries for the overall market, promote exports, create job opportunities, and preserve Israel’s status at the cutting-edge of worldwide innovation.