Twine’s Digital Selective Treatment (DST™) technology, is as simple as it sounds, it digitally and selectively treats the thread.

This new technology is actualized in the Twine system by dyeing the thread.

The system combines Twine’s proprietary inks and processes to treat a single raw or off-the-shelf white thread continuously and on-demand in any color.

The process is eco-friendly and waterless and uses a very accurate amount of ink per thread length with virtually no waste. Once dyed the thread is ready to use immediately.
The system does this as simply and cleanly as printing a document, with precise colors defined by the user, or automatically through Twine’s TCC™ (True Color Capture) proprietary color matching application and algorithms.

Twine’s DST™ technology eliminates the long, cumbersome and messy conventional bulk dyeing process, and replaces it with a direct and fast digital in-house system.

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