Strategic partners & Collaborators

Strategic Partners

Coats are Twine’s preferred thread manufacturer and an Alliance Partner to cross boundaries and transformations between digital and traditional frontiers among other.

Together Twine and Coats will improve the textile industry and its sustainability. Coats the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer and a major player in the Americas textiles crafts market.

For over 200 years, Coats have worked to harness talent and technology in textiles to enhance people’s lives—touching everything from sewing thread to medical sutures and fiber optic cables, from high performance threads used in planes, automobiles and safety equipment to the yarns, fabrics and accessories that inspire create crafters around the world. Coats have been helping to connect and form the fabric of daily life on our planet, and their global footprint provides unrivalled access to markets and customers are restless pioneers, always seeking to create new advanced materials and partner with customers across multiple industries to realize the challenges they face

Strategic Collaborators

Twine can easily read Pulse file formats and extract lengths and colors of thread needed for embroidery jobs. Twine will be integrated in the Pulse Id automation solution.

Pulse Microsystems Ltd. is the industry-leading developer of software for product personalization and apparel decoration creation and automation.
Led by Tas Tsonis, Brian Goldberg, and Claude Vlandis, Pulse continues to create innovative software for a comprehensive range of personalization media, such as embroidery, digital print, sublimation, laser cutting and etching, rotary engraving, and more. Pulse has achieved continued success worldwide by spearheading the technologies behind emerging market trends.