Where Are We Going?

“The time has come for brands and manufactures to stop dipping their toes in the water…” Read and find where would agility and speed will take us

Sampling: Is All-Digital A Step Too Far?

Color and feel, there is no substitute for the real product when it comes to hand-feel and judgment by eye. Read more of the digital sampling, physical samples.

Chic Tech: Sustainable Digital Thread Dyeing

32 of the major clothing companies and fashion brands signed a pact. The pact is promising to take action to reduce their negative impact on the environment, by 2050. Our digital thread dyeing technology is a sustainable solution that will help support these efforts. A solution that is already changing the thread dyeing process.

The Power of The Creative

“Beyond the traditional cut and sew skillset, designers will need to know how to use the new on-demand production tools available in the micro-factory in their region.” Designers will have to add to their skills. So, what new tools and skills will designers need to master? The answers are in the article written by our Creative Director Goor Moshe.  

On-Demand and Sustainable?

Goor Moshe, our Creative Director discusses the sustainability issues we face in fashion. Should we push for a move towards circular production, with all digital systems working together? Read the full article on WhichPLM.  

Digital Dyeing for Sewing

Olga Fuenmayor from Seampedia had the chance to visit Twine’s booth at ITMA 2019. Here is her review in which she chooses to focus on Digital dyeing for sewing thread.

Dye on-demand

Images Magazine is asking us interesting questions. On top, the magazine columnist, Erich Campbell shares his initial assessment of the new Twine system.  

Shaking up the industry

Israel 21c is reviewing Twine technology and marking it and the one that will shake up the industry.

Interview to Alon Moshe, CEO & Co-founder

During ITMA, Alon Moshe talks with Fibre2Fashion, describing the impact of the brand and the goal of revolutionize the textile industry by changing yarn and thread dyeing to a digital, clean, in-house, on-demand production.    

Twine at ITMA 2019

ITMA June 20th, 2019, Barcelona. Twine exhibits for the first time the TS-1800, the world’s first Digital Thread Dyeing System. Read what the media had to say about our launch.

Twine’s Digitally Dyed Threads at TLVFW

Haaretz review of Tel Aviv Fashion Week successful cooperation with Moriel Dezaldeti created a marvelous knitted piece. The world first digitally dyed thread knitted garment on the catwalk.

Twine’s Digitally Dyed Threads on the catwalk

The talented Moriel Sezaldeti has asked and we couldn’t resist the offer to take part in a Fashion show. Xnet review of the Tel Aviv Fashion Week – made in the Israel Shoresh fashion show.

WTiN article on Israel Innovators among them Twine

Twine and its latest successful investment round are part of an article on investments in Israel innovators. The review by WTiN writers is focusing on textile innovations and their influence on investments in Israel. The article reviews Twine and its technology along with a quote by Twine’s CEO & Co-founder Alon Moshe.