Digital Thread Dyeing

Revolutionizing the textile industry by changing your thread dyeing to a digital, easy to use, clean, in-house, on-demand production

Twine’s Digital System

With Twine’s Digital Thread Dyeing System, based on our DST™ technology and proprietary Ink, thread can be dyed in millions of colors immediately and on demand. Now you can create your own unique color shades or even gradients, opening endless possibilities to your designs! 

On a single spool or multiple spools, you will be able to produce the correct color at the exact length you need. Requiring just a standard electrical connection and no water, It’s a clean, fast process that will revolutionize the way you think about thread use for sewing, embroidery, knitting, and more.

Digital Dye-to-Match Mobile App

No more multiple iterations and weeks of waiting for a matching thread or swatch color. Simply capture an image of the sample, using our digital Dye-to-Match mobile application, and Twine’s proprietary algorithm will analyze the color immediately and accurately.

The exact color will be achieved each and every time – in a matter of seconds instead of weeks. Imagine the possibilities! With millions of colors available at the tip of your fingers, you are no longer limited to conventional color catalogs. “Unleash” you design.

If you own a Twine Digital Dyeing System, simply select the color you desire using the application, and your color will be sent to the system immediately.

The Future of Thread Dyeing is Digital

Driven by Textile 4.0, the analog-to-digital transformation of the textile industry is underway. Now thread dyeing is also a part of this revolution!
With a clean, small and minimal infrastructure, no water, toxic chemicals handling, or messy processes are required. Twine’s award-winning Digital Thread Dyeing System and Digital Dye-to-Match mobile application, enables you to dye your own thread with a click of a button – Any Color, Any Length, On Demand – In-house.

Why Twine?

Virtual Inventory

No need for large inventory of dyed thread. Simply "download" and “print” the exact colors you need when you need them. Eliminate the waste of dead stock – which can amount up to 40% annually – and never go out of stock! Only store standard raw or white off-the-shelf polyester thread.

Minimal infrastructure

The system is easy to operate and only needs a standard electrical connection. Plug and play.

Fast Time to Market

Millions of colors can be produced immediately, on-demand. You can eliminate lengthy lead times to obtain dyed thread for sewing, embroidery or knitting and save time and money as there is no need for multiple color matching iterations.

Sustainable, Waterless Technology

The process does not use any water or toxic chemicals, and eliminates thread waste, making it substantially more sustainable. Dyeing thread with Twine’s system also eliminates volatile organic compound (VOCs) and the energy consumed in logistics.


Twine is nominated for 2 awards at the Future Textile Awards 2018 in Amsterdam.

Twine is nominated for 2 awards at the Future Textile Awards 2018 which are industry leading awards recognizing innovation and achievement right across the technical textiles industry. Nominated by World Textile Information Network (WTiN) for Innovative Start-Up and Best Innovation: Machine Digitalisation. We will be attending the awards ceremony on 7th November 2018.

Press Releases

Twine announce investment round and strategic partnership

Twine is happy to announce its growth stage investment round that included two strategic investors, HP Tech Ventures and Coats Group plc. As part of the investment, Coats will be signing a strategic partnership agreement with Twine.
Twine’s thread dyeing revolution from analog-to-digital is here.

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