Our Process


We have developed a unique process called Digital Selective Treatment (DST™) that refers to how we digitally, and selectively, apply the ink on the thread/yarn.

Our DST can be broken down into five steps


Mix the ink
Our Twine Digital Inks (TDIs™) are mixed to match the color you specified. Mixing is done automatically and is based on Twine’s advanced algorithms.


Apply the ink
The thread/yarn passes through the machine’s treatment chamber to ensure that the mixed TDI is applied evenly and penetrates into the thread or yarn fiber.


Dry and cure
The thread/yarn moves to the machine’s drying chamber to allow fixation of the TDI.
No additional curing is necessary.


Lubricate, if required
The amount of lubricant can be fine-tuned according to the type of thread/yard and your end product.


Collect and filter
All excess dyeing materials (for example, excess ink) and all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are automatically filtered, collected, and “pushed” into a removable waste cartridge inside the machine.

Thanks to our DST and our unique digital dyeing technology, your thread or yarn is ready to use right away!

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Our Ink

Our TDIs are specially formulated solutions that enable our unique digital dyeing process.

  • Penetrate the actual thread/yarn fiber
  • Match broad color gamuts beyond those offered in catalogs and on color charts
  • Suit a large variety and types of polyester threads and yarns
  • Deliver excellent color fastness
  • Are manufactured by Twine, in compliance with ISO quality control and production

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