Zero Water

Minimizing Production

Reducing Pollution

Social Responsibility

Reducing Emissions

Waterless Dyeing

Effectively implementing innovation to eliminate water pollution through a waterless dyeing process.

Our TS-1800 thread dyeing system is a based on a waterless dyeing technology
As a company we are environmentally minded understanding sanitation and hygiene is a basic human right. Our thread and yarn dyeing process significantly protects water streams from dye-related pollutants.

Minimizing Production

Our digital on-demand solution grants a short lead time, eliminates over-production and extensive waste.

Developing a digital accurate, locally responsive dyeing process eliminating overproduction and discharge.

Our digital thread dyeing process gives users the ability to dye the exact length of thread.

Reducing Pollution

Our solution uses nanoliters amounts of dyes compared with tens of liters in the current traditional industry.

Our future depends on the health and well being of the habitat around us.

No by-product of contaminated waste supports clean water streams, biodiversity, healthy food chain and contribute to a thriving environment.

Social Responsibility

Twine Solution is promoting social responsibility inwards and outwards.

We encourage voluntarism and environmentalism and place emphasis on a healthy diverse workplace.

Twine is committed to minimizing the negative impact the textile industry has on local communities, improving health and well being across the workforce decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation.

Our partnerships with community stakeholders help generate business and promote creative arts using our wasted thread by upcycling it and creating new products. (rugs)

Reducing Emissions

Twine’s system is a locally attuned and responsive solution allowing customers to reduce transport by on-demand small quantities with quick turnarounds.

Lean, on demand and on site principles combined with an evolving digital technology, decrease over production, use of raw materials and transport related emissions.

The adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies such as the TS 1800 supports a future in which value chains are shorter, more localized, and offer significant sustainability benefits.

The TS 1800 eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials to reduce emissions

Twine sees great importance in reducing our GHG footprint and so, we offset our carbon emissions by participating in the Sun Stroke project, installing solar panels in rural and disadvantageous communities in Israel.

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