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The World's First Digital Thread & Yarn Dyeing System.

What We Do

The “Fiber” of Digital Textile

We are “changing the game” of the traditional, resource-intensive, thousand-year-old dyeing process. Twine’s technology & solution presents a waterless, sustainable thread-dyeing system, which can reduce time to market, streamline your inventory management while enabling an unlimited color palette.

Our digital thread / yarn dyeing technology meets the changing needs of the fast-paced fashion industry, of clothing manufacturers, and apparel brands, by –

running shoe
enabling short dye runs
Thread spool
producing samples on-demand
reducing delivery time and increasing efficiency
saving money
reducing waste, and minimizing costs

With our zero water use technology, our Twine TS-1800 presents a sustainable, circular-production thread-dyeing system that addresses the serious water pollution and environmental issues that have been part of the dyeing industry for decades.

Our Technology

A Single Thread of Color

We do to yarn dyeing what digital printing did to offset — new, original, disruptive. Our Twine technology presents a game-changer as it enables dyeing at the level of the individual thread.

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Speed up the entire creative process from inspiration to on-hand sample in just hours.

Make decisions quickly to meet your customers’ demands.

Deliver sample colors in hours, not weeks.

be fast

Dye the exact amount you need to reduce waste and eliminate the constraint of a minimum order quantity.

Reduce shipping and handling for reduced CO2 emissions.

Support lean manufacturing efforts.

be efficient

Unlimited range of colors and unique color gradients.

Accuracy in the color vision.

Quickly gear up for seasonal and fast fashion color trends.

Quick turnaround on color applications.

be creative

BE sustainable.

Textile dyeing is the second-largest polluter of water globally. Thus, Twine made sustainability one of its guiding principles. Our circular waterless digital system allows for a minimal environmental impact, thread dyeing process. We also take responsibility for our carbon footprint emissions in the production process to make sure it is neutralized.

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From apparel to shoes, knitting, sewing and embroidery, our digital dyeing technology easily adapts to the quantity you need – from product development to batch runs.

sewing embroidery technology
sewing embroidery technology
sewing embroidery technology
sewing embroidery technology
sewing embroidery technology
sewing embroidery technology

who we are

Twine Solutions was founded as technology start-up in 2015, in the world’s hub of digital printing, Israel. It is in this environment of inventiveness that we developed our proprietary digital, on-demand thread dyeing system that is set to disrupt the textile industry.

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