Twine is nominated for 2 awards at the Future Textile Awards 2018 in Amsterdam.

Twine is nominated for 2 awards at the Future Textile Awards 2018 which are industry leading awards recognizing innovation and achievement right across the technical textiles industry. Nominated by World Textile Information Network (WTiN) for Innovative Start-Up and Best Innovation: Machine Digitalisation. We will be attending the awards ceremony on 7th November 2018.

Twine Presents at the Transitions 2 Conference

Twine presentation of it’s technology, ‘Innovation Starts from the Basics’ was part of the Advanced Manufacturing section of the Transitions 2 Conference that took place at Huddersfield University. The conference was hosted by the Department of Fashion and Textiles, discussing the Material Revolution, and exploring the impact of sustainable new technologies, trans-disciplinary design and creative entrepreneurship on a new material world. Engagement with textiles and materials directly influences our wearable and built environments.

Article about Twine, ‘Threading the Needle in Digital Textiles’ on

Cary Sherburne, a well-known author, journalist and marketing consultant whose practice is focused on marketing communications strategies for the printing and publishing industries, has written an article about Twine and it’s innovative technology for the What They Think website. In it she discusses the numerous benefits Twine brings to the textile industry, from logistical cost savings, environmentally friendly technology, on-demand production in any color, including unique color gradients, as well as Twine’s plan to formally announce it’s launch at ITMA 2019.

Twine receives ‘Seal of Excellence’ from the European Commission

The Seal of Excellence is the high-quality label awarded to projects submitted to Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation program. Every year, thousands of organisations and individual researchers in Europe invest costly resources and time applying to the Horizon 2020 Program. The evaluation is based on three criteria: excellence, impact and quality, efficiency of implementation. The European Commission has a first-class evaluation system engaging independent, international experts. Twine Solutions is proud to have been awarded the Seal of Excellence, with a ‘High-Quality Project Proposal in a Highly Competitive Evaluation Process’.

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