Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer and a major player in the Americas textiles crafts market.

For over 200 years, Coats have worked to harness talent and technology in textiles to enhance people’s lives—touching everything from sewing thread to medical sutures and fiber optic cables, from high performance threads used in planes, automobiles and safety equipment to the yarns, fabrics and accessories that inspire create crafters around the world. Coats have been helping to connect and form the fabric of daily life on our planet, and their global footprint provides unrivalled access to markets and customers are restless pioneers, always seeking to create new advanced materials and partner with customers across multiple industries to realize the challenges they face

As HP Inc.’s corporate venture arm, HP Tech Ventures is fostering an ecosystem of innovation and reinvention that will define tomorrow’s world and experiences, through strategic partnerships and investments in disruptive technologies.

Landa Ventures is the investment arm of the Landa group, which identifies promising young technology companies that have potentially disruptive solutions and operate in large markets. Landa Ventures’ investment portfolio includes companies in fields that range from energy and imaging to personal care and satellite communications. Landa Ventures invests only in companies to which it can add value and typically plays an active role in helping them achieve their growth objectives.

Maverick Ventures Israel, established in 2013, is a unique Israeli venture capital fund composed of only private investors. Maverick Ventures Israel is focused on early growth Israeli startups across all sectors of technology, including software, SAAS, enterprise solutions and applications, internet, media, fintech, clean techology & energy, marketing technology and consumer electronics.

Maverick Ventures Israel was founded by Yaron Carni, who previously founded the Tel Aviv Angel Group and sold the first Israeli company bought by Google. The fund’s managing partner is Michel Abadi.

New Era Capital Partners is an Early – Growth venture fund that invests in cutting edge technologies. With ‘Double bottom line’ orientation and offices both in Tel Aviv and Boston, New Era seeks to invest in exceptional entrepreneurs and to support their efforts to build global enterprises.

New Era focuses its investments on sectors undergoing disruption & structural change. 

Gefen Capital is a US-Israeli investment group. Gefen targets high growth Israeli startups with disruptive technologies.

Gefen’s US and Israeli principals offer operational experience in building and managing companies and have a proven track record in creating value. Their strong US contacts and market capital experience assist startups that wish to penetrate the US market.