Twine’s TS-1800 is the world’s first, unique and revolutionary solution offering on-demand Digital Thread Dyeing capabilities. The light infrastructure, easy to use in-house system will change everything you knew about thread and yarns.

Whether you run cut-and-sew lines, a knitting factory, an embroidery service, a sample room, you are a designer or a brand, you will witness an immediate reduction in time and complexity in your daily routine. Starting today, you will be able to select the exact color of thread you need and have it ready for production – immediately on time!


Twine’s DST is a waterless eco-friendly technology which uses the precise amount of Twine’s TDI ink per thread type, length and weight with virtually no waste.

The process begins once a color is selected by the user. Twine’s proprietary algorithms automatically create a recipe and initiate highly accurate ink mixing of Twine’s 4 basic TDI ink colors (CMYK). Once completed, the thread passes through a treatment chamber and then into the drying unit. The drying unit will then fixate the TDI ink into the thread’s fibers upholding to the highest market quality standards. The last phase of the process is lubrication where lubricant is applied to the thread. The system’s closed loop technology ensures there are no emissions or waste disposed to the environment.

Twine’s DST™ technology eliminates the long, vast and messy conventional bulk dyeing process, and replaces it with a direct, fast, digital in-house system. Once digitally dyed, the thread is ready to be used immediately without any pre or post treatments.


Twine propriety Digital Ink (TDI™) was developed by Twine’s world class experts and formulated to answer the unique requirements of the DST™ process and can be applied to a wide range of thread and yarn types and thickness. We at Twine understand that every thread is different. Therefore, one of the most important benefits of TDI™ is that no matter which thread you use – new or recycled, raw or white, spun or filament, brand or batch – we can digitally dye it. Another big advantage of Twine TDI™ is the wide range of color gamut, meeting and exceeding your physical analog catalog, while using a very small amount of ink. Green and profitable.


On-demand production

Save time and money on multiple iterations, lengthy color sampling and shorten your time to market. The system offers production of millions of colors on-demand – immediately!

Live virtual inventory

Eliminate dead stock while never being out of stock! Store only standard raw or white off-the-shelf thread. No need for large inventory of dyed thread.

Choose any color

Color selection has never been easier. Select or create your own color at a click of a button, not limited by your supplier stock or catalog.

Define any length

Need a precise amount of thread for your sample or last mile production? Just set the required length and go!

Reduced logistics hassle

Eliminate lengthy lead time, dramatically reduce logistical costs, obtain your dyed thread just-in-time for your production, no logistics strings attached.

Real personalization

Ever wondered how it will be like to have your own thread or your own unique offerings? Now you can - unleash your design!

Gradient capabilities

Now, for the first time ever, you can offer your customer unique design capabilities they have never seen before.

True sustainablilty

The system includes an integrated waste handling system. No dirty water or waste is discharged during the production, keeping our environment clean and green.


We at Twine understand that yarn dyed by our Digital Dyeing system can be used in many different applications where world-class quality is of the utmost importance. As such, our DST™ process was developed to deliver excellent performance, no matter what kind of polyester yarn we dye.

To make sure that the increasing demands for the use and purchasing of certified textile products are answered, yarn-dyed by Twine systems are certified by both the independent OEKO-TEX® institute, and by the world-leading Quality Assurance Institute – Intertek. Certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 class I, the most stringent class covering textile items for babies and toddlers and scoring 4-5 Fastness results by Intertek – you can be sure your yarn quality requirements are met.


Touch operating panel

Job setup has never been easier. With only a few clicks, your thread is ready for production - Simply select your required color and length, and you are good to go!

Automatic thread loading system

Each system is equipped with an automatic thread loading mechanism. Forget about complicated tuning or thread loading.

Integrated thread auto-winder

The system’s auto-winder allows you to take a finished spool and start production immediately. You don’t even have to wait for the entire job to be completed.

Digital color catalog

Millions of colors at the tip of your finger. Quickly select from the Twine digital catalog or create your own shade. It’s your call!

Job planning & archiving

Save time and optimize production. The system can continue dyeing while new jobs are prepared by the operator. Efficiency at its best.

Integrated pre & post treatment

Thanks to the DST™ unique digital dyeing technology, you can go ahead and use your thread right away, no additional pre or post treatments are necessary.


  • Description Digital Thread Dyeing System
  • Dye Technology DST™
  • Ink TDI™
  • Certification OEKO-TEX and Intertek
  • Pre & Post Treatment Integrated
  • Yarn Loading System Automatic loading system
  • Yarn Winding System Integrated winder
  • Yarn Fiber Type Polyester
  • Operator Interfaces Industrial grade touch screen
  • Network Wi-Fi
  • Remote Support Secured connection
  • Supported Embroidery Formats *.twn, *.pes, *.dst