Twine is a leader of the textile industry 4.0, and the TS-1800 is the world’s first on-demand digital thread & yarn dyeing solution. Our system can dye various types of filament and spun polyester, suitable for your product development and production needs. It is designed to be implemented in any production environment and to be operated by anyone.

Ts-1800 Thread dyeing machine


The TS-1800 is revolutionizing the digital textile production line. It takes white or raw, new or recycled polyester thread and dyes it using Twine TDI™ inks (CMYK). The thread is cured during the process ensuring the ink penetrates the fiber. It is finally wound on a spool ready for your immediate use.


Twine Digital Ink or TDI™ was developed to answer the unique requirements of our digital dyeing process. The system controls the color mixing, so any operator can dye thread without any prior knowledge in ink or color. By using Twine TDITM inks the system can reach a wide-ranging color gamut, exceeding physical catalogs.

Quality & Performance

Our digital thread & yarn dyeing process was developed to deliver excellent quality and performance, no matter what kind of polyester thread we dye. To make sure that the textile certification requirements are met, thread dyed by Twine digital dyeing solutions are certified by both the independent OEKO-TEX® institute (STANDARD 100 class I) and by the world-leading quality assurance institute – Intertek.


Touch operating panel

An industrial graded touch screen panel, running a super simple operating software is how you control the TS-1800. With only a few clicks, the system is ready for production.

Automatic thread loading system

The TS-1800 is equipped with an automatic feeding mechanism. The operator is not required to learn a complicated tuning or thread loading process.

Integrated thread auto-winder

The TS-1800 winder unit winds the thread on a generic spool that supports any type of sewing, knitting or embroidery machine. Once a spool is ready, it can be easily be removed from the system.

Digital color selection

Millions of colors can be quickly selected from the TS-1800 digital interface, or created from your own shade by selecting an RGB or LAB value.

Job planning & archiving

The TS-1800 can continue dyeing while new jobs are prepared by the operator  to improve your productivity. Each job created is automatically saved to the systems archive.

Integrated pre & post treatment

The TS-1800 unique technology grantees that no pre-treatment is necessary and that you can go ahead and use your thread immediately, with no additional post-treatment.