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Fixing The Supply Chain, One Step At A Time: The Compelling Bottom-Line Business Case For Digital Dyeing

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Against a backdrop of high costs, long lead times, massive upfront commitments to manufacturing capacity and materials, and intense scrutiny of their environmental credentials, brands are looking to invest in supply chain technology that can provide measurable improvements to speed, cost, innovation, and sustainability.

Digital, on demand dyeing of thread and yarn has, for some time, been delivering a quiet revolution in all these areas, in sampling, for a wide range of product categories. It’s improved manufacturing yields, transformed sample creation times from weeks to hours, reduced minimum order quantities from kilos to fractions of a gram, replaced subjective, iterative dyeing with exact digital reference matching, cut tons of synthetics from fashion’s environmental footprint, and unlocked new creative possibilities.

Click below to read the full whitepaper co-written with The Interline, and get an in-depth look on the potential of digital, on-demand dyeing technology for thread and yarn.


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