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 Nastrificio Victor Testimonial

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When we met Twine, we saw that it could solve some of our very important problems quickly…This has reduced the delivery time of samples to our customers by about 70%.

Started as family workshop in Padua, Italy, Nastrificio Victor is one of the most established and prestigious manufacturers in the field of high fashion ribbons, tapes and cords.

The company exports its products worldwide, giving all clients the possibility of using Victor’s products even on garments produced abroad.

From the first time Regina Bertipaglia heard about Twine’s technology, she knew it could help her solve major problems in her production process of sampling.

Combining both the TS-1800 and the TwineX4 in their factory, allows Nastrificio Victor to provide their customers ribbons and tapes in unique colors in a matter of days instead of week, and going from sampling to production in no time.

The use of Twine’s waterless dyeing technology gives Nastrificio Victor’s products a sustainable edge, and aligns with their commitment to sustainability. Nastrificio Victor’s experience with Twine’s systems has been so successful, that by 2027 they are planning to increase their install base, making their factory even more digital, sustainable and efficient.

Regina Bertipaglia

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