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Ünlü Tekstil Testimonial

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Now we can dye as much as we want. We don’t have to wait for thread and yarn for our samples. We have all color options available.
Therefore, we can dye as much as we need, and most importantly, we can do this without using water.

At the roots of Ünlü Tekstil are placed the perfectionist vision and passion of its founding father, Sabri Ünlü, who established it in 1992 as a manufacturing facility. However, in time, this vision and passion provided the much required energy for the facility to transform into a company where premium textile products are created with a focus on manufacturing

Unlu Tekstil were impressed with Twine’s waterless dyeing technology and its impact on the environment, and once installing it in their factory, they have discovered the TS-1800 has more than just sustainable benefits.

In the past, Unlu Tekstil used to wait two whole weeks just to sew a sample of a garment. Now, using Twine’s TS-1800, they sew samples within the hour, dyeing threads quickly without using water. With the TS-1800, Unlu Tekstil save time on sample production and have a competitive advantage.

From now on, Unlu Tekstil is not bound by MOQs, and can dye as much thread as they need, in an immense variety of colors and shades, allowing them to quickly respond to changing market trends.

Oguz Acikgoz
General Manager

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